Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yesterday I made off like a bandit. :)

  Mom and I went to the consignment shop for the Bratz that I told you were a $1  each. they were not there, the lady looked at the inventory on her computer and said she hadn't sold them yet, but we looked all over the store. They were not there. But that doesn't mean I didn't find something else. Then we went to Robecca Rose. Its Kinda like a  Flea Market/Consignment shop. Then we went to Wal-Mart.

I got:
@ the consignment shop:

  • Bratz Forever Diamonds Secret Voice Password Jewlery Box for: $2.25
@Robecca Rose:

  •  a Native American Barbie( I think shes from the late 80s early 90s) for $5.00
  • Groovy Girls Camping Tent ( it came with 2 dolls, a sleeping bag, and bag for clothes that says princess and  also doubles as a keychain)  for: $4. I'm not really a big fan of rag dolls so I'm giving them to the neighbor girls.
  • A old fashioned Barbie sized wooden desk for 75¢ 
  • 2 really pretty rings for me 1 can double as a doll bracelet.
@ Wal-Mart

  • Bratz Funk 'N Glow Jade for. $12.00 on clearence. She was originally $24.99. So I thought thar was a pretty good deal.
I mom bought it all, she's Awesome! We had  a good time together yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Well I guess I'll blog ya later! TTY


  1. Congratulations on all your great prices! I'm glad you had some great finds and a good time. :)

  2. Thank you.

    I just found out that the Native American Barbie is a First Edition Special Edition Dolls of the World Collection Native American Barbie. On eBay they are charging anywhere from $12.99 to $50. So getting her for $5 was a huge deal. The only things that were missing was her Headband and shoes.

    It is always fun to go shopping with my Mom. She got some things also. She got a quilt, and a table clothe with eight matching napkins. She also got a good deal on those.

  3. Now this is an awesome bargin shopping spree. That's my kind of shopping right there.

    1. It was great. There was a pearl white My Scene corvet, in good used condition. It even had a trunk and opening doors. But the lady at the booth were I got most of my doll related items was charging $21 fir it! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

      I think the best deal was on the Native
      American Barbie. I'm thinking she's going to be a teacher/professor at their college.