Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday Morning's and Something about Friday March, 1st.

 My mom and I went to our local Tuesday Morning's before going to get bread at Piggly Wiggly.  When I go there I always go straight for the Toy aisle.  I saw Barbie Cut In Style Princess and Barbie versions. The only difference is the Barbie Cut In Style had both Teresa and Barbie, they were both: $9.99. The Barbie Princess had Barbie she was: $9.99. Barbie Hair Extensions: $12.99.   Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 Deluxe doll, she was $12.99. Barbie Princess and The Pop Star Keira; singing versioned, she was $12.99. There was only Three of her.  Barbie a Fashion FairyTale Barbie, Raquelle, Nikkie, and Theresa, they were: $12.99.  Barbie Suds 'n Hugs Nikkie;  there were only two of her, she was $12.99.  Almost every single Barbie Dolls Of the world doll; there were even multiples of some, they were: $19.99.  Now in Barbie Doll Clothes there were: Barbie I Can Be... Chef and Cook multie-pack, they were: $5.99 each, Barbie Dance class( I at least think that is what it is called) it was $5.99; there was only one, several Barbie I Can Be... Scuba Diver, it was: $3.99, and one Barbie I Can Be... Music Teacher( wanted it the most, accessories are Awesome) it was $3.99. I thought that was such a good bargain, they are usually like $12.99 and $5.99! Mom almost got them for me seeing is how all I have in money is $3.95. But then she thought about we needed to buy bread so she said no. Very Disappointed. :/ Oh well, I'll get over it, it's not like it's the end of the world. Had a good time, so that's  all that counts.

I'm getting more and more excited as Friday or March 1st rolls around. Why? Because our local consignment  shop;  Consignments Unlimited has this pricing system, and on 1st of month three it is reduced to a very reasonable price. I'm hoping after school Mom will take me there cause, at the end of January we went there and they had two Bratz from before they went out of business and came back. There was Bratz Play Sportz Kick Boxing Cloe, and Bratz Wild Safari Cloe. They were both $6. On Friday they will be a $1 each. I am going to buy them(if they are still there) with my $3.95 I mentioned earlier. And they don't do tax, so that is just great!  I hope to get them cause when Bratz came back they have Crap for hair( idk what they are using but they need to stop!) before they went out they had tge most soft hair and when you took them outta the box their hair wasn't all oily feeling(unlike Barbie). I hope they are still there. Wish me Luck! Blog ya later! TTYL!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo Stories for the DollieHouse series. :)

   So I have been doing photostories.   They are not up yet, the reason why is it takes at least 1or 2 hrs.  just to upload Photos. so I'm considering posting photo stories only on the weekend, hoping to get at least one or more up. I have written to  about Ep. 11 of the DollieHouse series, but I'm thinking  about rewriting most of the episodes. Why you ask? Well it seems when I don't prepare for a photo story,  then just take photos, and write a script to go with it, and it turns out great. But when I prepare for days or even months for a script so that  I have to prepare  for making, and buying lots of props. If you are wondering what I'm talking about watch DollieHouse Ep. 2  Where I just took photos then wrote a script. Then watch DollieHouse Ep. 1 Prt. 1  DollieHouse Ep. 1 Prt. 2 and DollieHouse Ep. 1 Prt. 3 Where I prepared for months and it turned out to be crapola, because I wrote a script then toom photos.        

I just wanted you too see this little update.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

JEM from Integrity Toys, and other stuff.

My fascination with the 80s is what has drawn me to a doll inspired by a 80s cartoon and doll. I must add her to my collection, but with me being in the 9th Grade, 15, and under the age to even make minimum wage at a job. That is not going to happen anytime soon.
Pic Via Integrity Toys

   Now you see why I won't be getting this doll any time soon. :/
 I absolutely love Jem and The Holograms!!! Used to watch it all the time on the Hub, until Hasbro thought they needed to make more money so they moved to NetFlix on demand. Why would you want to pay $9.99 a month to watch this show when you could just as easily watch it for free on The Hub. Ughhh! Frustrating to say the least. 

Today and Fashion wise, I think some of the Flare from the 80s is coming back. Some may not agree with me, but this is just my opinion. From the neon colored pettie coats to the Neon Leggings or just leggings period. From the Neon and different Shaped bracelets to the Wrap Around Belts. From the Bright Flashy make-up to the High Heeled Converses. The 80s is coming back. 

 And I simply love some of the music from the 80s. Like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.  Some of the music is simply AWESOME! Lol Excuse my Spazzing out. :) 

On an other completely different subject. I woke up this morning my Mother was out of the house.  She comes home from Wal-Mart she has brought me home a Hello Kitty Graphic tee, 2 Barbie Graphic tees, and my most exciting for no reason at all purchase from Mom, Another Liv Hayden Making Waves! My Mom scored her for $7!   Her wig is a little bit straighter than my first one, it's still wavy. I'm going to name her Hayley. She is going to be Haydens Sister or Twin Sister. 

Please note this is not my picture. I would have taken a picture with my camera, but I  absolutely do not feel like dealing with my Super Slow Desktop Computer. It would have at least taken 2 hours to load. Yes. That is just how SLOW my desktop is.
I will blog you later! :) TTYL!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dolls Found!!!!

Thursday I came home after school and my Father is reorganizing the utility  room. Mom says " We found a ballerina Barbie in there, and she is in pretty good shape considering how long she's been in there."  I went in the house and there she was. I think she  is an earlier Barbie I Can Be.... Ballerina Teresa. It seem every  time I get a ballerina Barbie it is always Teresa.

Anyway then I was in my closet. I saw my box of Madam Alexander doll from McDonalds that I collect. I know what you're thinking, why are they in a box? Well, I have a shelf to put them on it just hasn't been put up yet. I thought I saw Barbie feet. I open the box and there just so happens to be, Eden Starling from Barbie in A Christmas Carrol, first edition Rocca Wear S.I.S. Kara, which I  have renamed Keyonna, Kroger exclusive 2007 Halloween Barbie, first edition Cali Girls Nikki,and Disney Store Disney Fairies Tinker Bell.

On a totally unrealated topic. If I hadn't given so many dolls away to Good Will, The Salvation Army, The GateWay Mission, etc. I think my room would be overflowing with dolls. No, Seriously.

her totally unrelated topic, I have a question for Muff, from Hey, Its Muff. My Tink doll is in perfectly good condition except for one of the thin crappy plastic wings. one of the winds cracked and it cracked so much that it fell off, so now she looks like a complete Bowtard cause she only has one wing. I hate to throw her away just because of her crappy wings. Muff, do you know a way to get the stupid plastic things in her back out so I can still play with her? Because if I did it myself I'd probably end up butchering her on accident.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sams Club, Wal Mart, Best dad in the world, etsy, and other things.

 Today I went to Sams Club...NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE!!!!! It was more crowded than our wal mart during the Christmas and Hanukkah shopping season! Anyway, I went there with my parents, it was my first time, well if you count the one i went to with my grandparents in North Carolina this would technacally be my second time,but anyway, I was hoping they would have some doll related items there like the one i went to in north Carolina, but they didnt. It may have just been when i went to s.c. in n.c it was the Christmas shopping season. Well, I scored while i was there. I got the new Monster High Friday night frights double feature, it just came out by the way, It was bought by the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD, or my father. I was surprised he said yes, cause his parents or my grand parents are very religious. And my dad doesnt really care for Monster High, the funny  thing is his parents buy me Monster High related stuff almost every Christmas. My mom on the other hand thinks there pretty cool, and she is the one who buys most of them, and get this...with   his money! lol. I love my  Mom.
 went to walmart. Before I tell you what I got there let me tell you about the toy Clearence isle. They had just about every Fashion doll item you could think of. But no luck with finding a Hunger Games Katniss for $12 or under, they didnt even have one. May i just say I don't think Novi Stars did so hot this holiday season. Almost their whole stock of Novi Stars was on clearence. I don't think 1D dolls did so hot either,there were still some left. So there were: Brtazillas Cafe Zap $12, Bratz Pink Winter Dreams Lodge $12, Funk 'n Glow Jade $11,  Bratz Totally Tatto'd Yazmin $11, Barbie Sisters Skipper and Chelsea Let's Ride Bikes $11, Winx Club Believex Upgrade Accessory packs $2, and VicTorious Tori $18.87.  Which I find absolutely outrageous!  They are made by  Spin Master, using some of the same molds they used for Liv, but the only thing in common is big heads and bending at the knee.One of the main reasons I find it absolutely outrageous is the price, Its not like the dolls are Hannah Montana, Twilight, Justin Bieber, or 1D.

I...I mean my Mother and I are going to start an Etsy Store, I'm going to be doing most of the sewing, but since I'm going to be busy with school most of the time, she will be helping keep the shop stocked. I mean she doesn't really like to sew doll clothes, once she is done cleaning house she will sit down at the sewing machine and sew doll clothes, I think it will be absolutely great that she will be helping out with my shop, and of course we will be splitting the earnings equally.

I also learned a new big word today. Incourigouse. which I  think mom said meant strange, It sounds like word I would use, except I've never heard it before.

Well thats most of what happened today, I might post something else later, right now my finger hurts from pecking/typing with the screen on my kindle. TTYL!

Friday, February 15, 2013

We will miss you Uncle Ralph! May you rest in peace with the Lord by your side always!

Please pray for my Uncle Ralph as he has descended into heaven . Do not worry, he is no longer in pain, he  is with the Lord. He is now in heaven, celebrating the day after his birthday with Great Grandma and Grandpa Ellerbee, and  Grandpa Ellerbee.

"For God so loved  the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"
                                       John 3:16

Rest  in peace Uncle Ralph Ellerbee! We will miss you!!! :*(

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once again another doll item victim to a dog...and here's the thing its not even my dog!

 Okay so my aunt comes up  from Slidell, LA to come see my great uncle ralph in the hospital, because we think he might be on his last leg. Please put him in your prayers.
Anyway so she comes up and shes got a new dog, she comes over to the house and  tells me Im going to babysit the annoying thing.  That  friday and now its Tuesday. I wake up this mourning finding inspiration. Go to my dollhouse, and he  has peed all over the costume flooring I made inspired by the flooring in the school in the Monster High webisodes and movies. I made that October of 2011, and I worked 2 hours on it! And of course since it is pee I had to throw it away. Might the flooring on videos on my youtube or photos on my facebook page, but anyway, After school I have to make another one!  I mean it was bad enough he was peeing on the floors in the house, but  he went over the line the second he lifted his leg to pee in my dollhouse! Curse you Cotton!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Video's I've made recently that are more comedy than serouseness, But then again what about me is seriouse.

Dolls that went through Plastic Surgery.

 Here it is Muff just as I promised. So Recently I did a Head and Body swap/tranfer. These are the results. 
 This is a My Scene doll head on Barbie Fashionitsa Cutie Body. She was a My Scene My Bligg Bligg Chelsea, But since I got her second hand from a friend her body was pretty beat up with all sorts of scuff marks that I could not get off with Rubbing alcolhal or Nail Polish remover. And another reason is I have this think where almost every doll i have has to be articulated. Here's Chelsea on her new body, she is wearing Barbie fashionistas Barbie color play's dress, shoes and necklace, and she is wearing  Bratz Bratz rock Cloe's earrings.
                                    Here's a close up. she is so stunning!
                                    Here she is at an angle. Goregouse!
 She is sitting on a couch I made for Rochelle Goyle. And if you are a Monster High fan you'd know who that is. And no sadly I do not have one in my Monster High Collection. :*( But I made the couch in case I got one.
 Here's a close up. I am soooo thrilled at how this turned out. XD
 Here she is again. Miss Priss, Looks likes someone's giving a little bit of attitude.
                                           Here's another close up.
                      This pictures not so great though. My hands were all shaky.
                                        Here she is. This is a  above look at her.
 This is the second doll that had plastic surgery. This is a Barbie Fashionista Cutie on Chelsea's old Body. And yes I gave her a bob,and if you don't know what a bob is, it is a type of hair 'do. It looks much better than what here hair was before I cut it, and it feels much softer too. She has to wear long dresses or pants cause the scuff are on the back or her right leg.
                                                 Close up.
                                               At an angle.
 Full View. My mom made the skirt, the top is a mini dress form a Barbie fashion pack.
                                             At an angle.
                                She's having dinner. She says "Hi!"
                       This Pictures not all that great. My hands were shaking again.
                                                here she is again.
                                                         And again.
 Here's chelsea chillin' out having dinner with Avery.
                                       Chelsea wanted a picture by herself.

You get the general idea of the rest of the pictures. Shout out to Muff from Hey, It's Muff on Blogger.

apologies and other stuff

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted anything. I promised  that I'd post my head transfer, I will later. heres a picture I made in Photoshop.