Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once again another doll item victim to a dog...and here's the thing its not even my dog!

 Okay so my aunt comes up  from Slidell, LA to come see my great uncle ralph in the hospital, because we think he might be on his last leg. Please put him in your prayers.
Anyway so she comes up and shes got a new dog, she comes over to the house and  tells me Im going to babysit the annoying thing.  That  friday and now its Tuesday. I wake up this mourning finding inspiration. Go to my dollhouse, and he  has peed all over the costume flooring I made inspired by the flooring in the school in the Monster High webisodes and movies. I made that October of 2011, and I worked 2 hours on it! And of course since it is pee I had to throw it away. Might the flooring on videos on my youtube or photos on my facebook page, but anyway, After school I have to make another one!  I mean it was bad enough he was peeing on the floors in the house, but  he went over the line the second he lifted his leg to pee in my dollhouse! Curse you Cotton!


  1. I hope that your uncle is going to be okay, but I gotta say that the rest of your story made me laugh. Poor Cotton, lol. He as just trying to make himself feel at home.

  2. Sadly Uncle Ralph past away today at lunch time, the day after his birthday even. We will miss him dearly. :(

    I'm glad somebody found it funny. Lol and yes now that you put it that way, I guess he was trying to make himself at home. Cotton went home today so my aunt could go home and pack for the funeral, which is Sunday at 2:00. he's not really a bad dog, he just has his moments. :D