Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sams Club, Wal Mart, Best dad in the world, etsy, and other things.

 Today I went to Sams Club...NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE!!!!! It was more crowded than our wal mart during the Christmas and Hanukkah shopping season! Anyway, I went there with my parents, it was my first time, well if you count the one i went to with my grandparents in North Carolina this would technacally be my second time,but anyway, I was hoping they would have some doll related items there like the one i went to in north Carolina, but they didnt. It may have just been when i went to s.c. in n.c it was the Christmas shopping season. Well, I scored while i was there. I got the new Monster High Friday night frights double feature, it just came out by the way, It was bought by the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD, or my father. I was surprised he said yes, cause his parents or my grand parents are very religious. And my dad doesnt really care for Monster High, the funny  thing is his parents buy me Monster High related stuff almost every Christmas. My mom on the other hand thinks there pretty cool, and she is the one who buys most of them, and get this...with   his money! lol. I love my  Mom.
 went to walmart. Before I tell you what I got there let me tell you about the toy Clearence isle. They had just about every Fashion doll item you could think of. But no luck with finding a Hunger Games Katniss for $12 or under, they didnt even have one. May i just say I don't think Novi Stars did so hot this holiday season. Almost their whole stock of Novi Stars was on clearence. I don't think 1D dolls did so hot either,there were still some left. So there were: Brtazillas Cafe Zap $12, Bratz Pink Winter Dreams Lodge $12, Funk 'n Glow Jade $11,  Bratz Totally Tatto'd Yazmin $11, Barbie Sisters Skipper and Chelsea Let's Ride Bikes $11, Winx Club Believex Upgrade Accessory packs $2, and VicTorious Tori $18.87.  Which I find absolutely outrageous!  They are made by  Spin Master, using some of the same molds they used for Liv, but the only thing in common is big heads and bending at the knee.One of the main reasons I find it absolutely outrageous is the price, Its not like the dolls are Hannah Montana, Twilight, Justin Bieber, or 1D.

I...I mean my Mother and I are going to start an Etsy Store, I'm going to be doing most of the sewing, but since I'm going to be busy with school most of the time, she will be helping keep the shop stocked. I mean she doesn't really like to sew doll clothes, once she is done cleaning house she will sit down at the sewing machine and sew doll clothes, I think it will be absolutely great that she will be helping out with my shop, and of course we will be splitting the earnings equally.

I also learned a new big word today. Incourigouse. which I  think mom said meant strange, It sounds like word I would use, except I've never heard it before.

Well thats most of what happened today, I might post something else later, right now my finger hurts from pecking/typing with the screen on my kindle. TTYL!


  1. I don't know what the heck is up with my Walmarts because they have nothing on clearance - NOTHING!

    1. I wouldn't be surprised at all by that. Our Walmart usually has three isles, one side of an isle: home goods/decore, a whole isle full of toys and crafting supplies, and then one side of an isle full of electronics/electronic accessories. But this time there was only one isle! Yes 1 AISLE! One side was toys and one side was Christmas/Valintines day seasonal leftovers. Blehh! That's just my opinion. I hope your walmart is stocked up soon on clearence, so you can tell us all the goodies you got.