Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Never Ending Madness of my cat Bagara. :3

Well his name is really Crescent, because he has a crescent shape on his belly, but I call him Bagara because he looks like the black panther from the Disney animated movie The Jungle Book.
Meet Very Special Agent Bagara Blackness, here he is lying on the ironing board.

But let's get to why we are here. Bagara dislikes plastic for some reason.
He chewed up the plastic on the bread package, so we solved that by buying a retro tin box labeled bread.  So the past couple of days when he's left alone he has been chewing on the plastic dividers and binder that we keep our many doll clothes patterns in.  I saw him doing it  yesterday, I stopped him by picking him up. I looked at his face, he had plastic sticking out of his  mouth, and right when he realized I spotted it he swallowed it. He Swallowed It Like A Goat! I'm beginning to wonder if he chews on it because he dislikes it or he just  likes the taste?
I wake up this morning and he is on my display shelf using Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack as Teething rings. I was kinda mad but I can't  stay mad at him for long. Besides I can buy New ones. also the chew markes aren't that bad you can't notice them unless I point them out. Pinkie pies has I couple of teeth punctures on her right ear and and Apple Jack on her front left and right legs.  This cat is absolutely mad! He'll run into a wall, sit there for a couple of minutes and bounce back up like nothing even happened. And if he's walking up the hall and he sees you coming down the hall he'll scitter down the hall like a ball in a pinball machine. Ping! Ping! Ping!  LOL
Well enough of my ranting about Mr. Bagara. Blogg ya later! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ever After High dolls are coming! :3

This  line is kinda like Monster High dolls except they are the Sons/Daughters of famouse FairyTale Characters.  Here is there youtube channel link to kinda get a feel about what they are about:  There going to kinda start out the same as the Monster High doll line did with the wave 1 and instead of Dawn Of The Dance like the Monsters did its going to be Legacy Day, which is where they pledge their destiny to follow in their mother/fathers foot steps, but some want to write their own happily ever after. Their is also a divide in the school, The Royals: Who are perfectly happy to follow in their parents foot steps, and the Rebels: Who wish to write there own story.  These dolls are supposed to be out this Month, this July and are a Mattel Brand Fashion Doll. They will also be able to fit Monster High Doll Clothes and Vise versa.

Here are the wave 1's.

This is Apple White daughter of Snow White, and of course she is a royal.  She is the future Queen of Book End Village.

This is Madeline Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter, she's a Rebel :3 love her!
People are calling her the Pinkie Pie of the MATTEL World.

Brier Beauty Daughter of sleeping Beauty, a Royal. And wants to live it up while she can because she's going to be sleeping for a 100 years!

Raven Queen daughter of the evil queen, she is a Rebel. She doesn't want to follow in her mothers foot steps, she doesn't want to be evil. Though Apple White needs (wants really bad) for Raven to except her role as the future evil queen, because if she doesn't Apple won't be poisoned, she won't die, and then be awoken by her Prince.

Their is also going to be a 2 pack. Ashlynn Ella: Daughter of Cinderella, a Royal and Hunter Huntsmen:  Son of the HuntsMen, a Rebel. They are dating but they are keeping it a secret because since the school is divided between the two.  There is no picture out yet but they  are coming out soon.
 On my wish list is:
Madeline Hatter
Raven Queen of course!

Here is a group photo:

Here is a close up:

Then here are there beautiful animated selves:
Love it! :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh my ghoul!  I am so happy right now. Let me go ahead and tell you why.

you know how in one of my older posts that I told you I "used to be" a BIG My Little Pony Freak, and how I used to have more PONIES than Barbies.... well, since I'm a big  Barbie fan I am as high as a cloud right now!!!!!
They have come out with my little pony Barbie like dolls!  They are called My Little Pony Eqestria Girls!  They aren't out yet but here are some images I found! :3

Basic dolls:

The Deluxe dolls: 
Rainbow Dash I LOVE DASHIE!!!! :3
These are articulated. The basics are not. :(

Twilight Sparkle and sunshine glimmer (or whatever the neck her name is) 2 pack:
IDK if these are articulated, but most likely they are. The story behind these two is that her and twilight sparkle are like arch enemies( well really sunshine glimmer shimmer, whatever her name is doesn't like twilight) and twilight been nominated for Prom queen and sunshine glimmer must be prom queen. Ya know high school teenage stuff. :)
hair styling RainBow Dash: 
Sadly she is not articulated. :(

They are a little bit shorter than Monster High, they fit monster high doll stands, and their feet work like Bratz feet. These are the only ones I've found so far, but I'm sure there will be more.  I think they also will have outfit/accessory packs because each doll even if they don't have wings that come with them because they each have a notch in their back for wings. 

The ones on my wishlist are: 
DASHIE of course! :3

Pinkie Pie. Her smile is so contagious! , it made me smile, which by the way doesn't happen often.  :3  
 Well that's all I have to say for now, blogg ya later!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sorry it's been so long since I last updated.  But let's get to the point of this post over the months my mom and I have been finding great deals at GoodWill, Garage Sales, The Flow wood Flea market, Robecca Rose, the clearence aisle, and a bunch of other thrift shops.

Good will:
A Lime Green VW Beatle: $4( needed a butt load of TLC. The previous owner ran it threw dirt, Glitter, and that colored bubble crap that you blow threw a straw. Lol but it looks great now.)
A Disney princess thrown: 25¢ ( it looked like it just came out of the box)
And since everything in the store was 50% off it all totaled at $1.50

Robecca Rose:
Wicker chair set $1.50 per chair
BRATZ kids horse $9 it gallops and neighs
BARBIE   Ford Thunderbird  $6 ( I thought I got a great deal seeing since how the myscene convertible, and the lilac Barbie convertible from the early 2000s for $21.50 each but when I got home I noticed one of the most important parts of the car was missing the dash board! Barbie can't drive her car without a steering wheel! )
One of the first ever Bratz doll carry case $4, 30 bucks on

The 2nd chance thrift shop:
Barbie happy family kitchen $1 ( it was missing a fridge door but that wasn't a problem I just took the remaining one off because I already a fridge, it became a pantry.)
A pack of canvases and easels ( Barbie sized of course ) $1
Some sort of Barbie sized mixer thing? Maybe. 25¢
Barbie sea world fish pail 25¢ (now a mop bucket)
A Littlest Pet Shop Bird 25¢
Lps car 25¢

Garage Sales:
BARBIE Sisters glam camper $3 (it had all the furniture! No accessories except for a sippy cup for Kelly or Chelsea as they call her now, a bottle of juice, and a plate, but it's not like a needed them, the dinner ware was a different size for each sister. I thought no matter what age you were you got the same size dinner ware as everybody else just different sized servings. )
Hannah Montana Lola Laflago 50¢
Barbie Fairy with sea foam green hair no wings though , but I'm going to use her as a rock band member. 50¢
A beach Ken with a body mold from b4 2009 butt nekkid lol 50¢
Groovy Girls funk 'n groove couch, GG dog bed, and a Neon runway Bratz Cloe $1 4 all 3
A Barbie gown 1¢
a Hannah Montana skirt 1¢
A MGA rain coat 1¢ I think it goes to a lala loopsy little not sure

Thrift Shop the thrift shop:
A lala loopsy mermaids tail 25¢
A doc mcstuffins Kelly doll outfit 25¢

Gateway mission:
BRATZ BABYZ Dancing yazmine 25¢
Barbie Fashion Fever Furniture Footstool 25¢
A Barbie sized butchers block $1
A bag of 20 Kelly doll sized straw hats $1
A bag of 4 straw Barbie scale baskets $1

Flowood Flea Market:
A bag of 20 Barbie Clothes hangers $5 (most of them are from the 1992 mold)
A bratz passion 4 Fashion Yazmin with original shoes and some Japanese brand doll night gown $2

Tuesday Morning's:
Bratz Strut It Jade $6

Walmart clearence:
Bratz Cool Boyz Cameron $11

Ole 49 south flea market:
Liv twist and dance daniella with out wig but wearing a pair of Stacie shoes from the 80s $2
MONSTER HIGH Create a Moster Witch $2
Monster High doll mini dress 25¢
Pack of monster high doll accessories. Belt, shoes, and braclet 25¢
MONSTER HIGH fish net body suite 25¢

Dolls friends have found at flea markets:
Origanal Liv Sophie but wearing a Katie liv for color dress ?
Barbie doll ?
NOVI STARS Galatic Gown fashion pack $3 from Dirt Cheap

Those are the DEALS DEALS DEALS! Lol blog y'all later! :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New series coming to Youtube!

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. Our desktop has crashed, mom said she would take it to the shop. To get it fixed, but we currently don't have the money. And every so often my mom lets me use her laptop. Usually I upload my pics and videos to her laptop, then plug my USB plug into her laptop and upload my pics and vids to my Kindle Fire . Only my kindle won't upload my videos even though it's supposed to be able to. Now let me stop my ranting and get to the point.

Before my desktop crashed again I was trying to upload a trailer/preview of  my new series
coming to YouTube. Here's the title image I made so I can kinda have you guessing what it is about.  I will give you a hint: my English teacher Mr. Johnson said it kinda had a Steven
king feel to it. Hope this helps with your guessing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mattel Customer Service....YOU ROCK!!!!

So as you all know I like dolls other than Barbie and Liv. I am a big Monster High fan, and when I say big, I mean BIG!!!! Lol I recently received a Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Blue second hand. She was missing her webbed hands. The story behind that was , the hand joints got stretched too much from being taken in and out of the arm so often and they got lost. I'm on Mattel customer sevice website and not a single one of their Lagoona's has replacement parts. zero. zilch. notda. So I send them an Email. Long story short, they will be sending me a Brand Spankin' New Lagoona!!! Free of charge!!! That's why I love Mattel. Thanks again Mattel! YOU ROCK!!!!! I will be taking photos as soon as I receive her in the mail.