Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh my ghoul!  I am so happy right now. Let me go ahead and tell you why.

you know how in one of my older posts that I told you I "used to be" a BIG My Little Pony Freak, and how I used to have more PONIES than Barbies.... well, since I'm a big  Barbie fan I am as high as a cloud right now!!!!!
They have come out with my little pony Barbie like dolls!  They are called My Little Pony Eqestria Girls!  They aren't out yet but here are some images I found! :3

Basic dolls:

The Deluxe dolls: 
Rainbow Dash I LOVE DASHIE!!!! :3
These are articulated. The basics are not. :(

Twilight Sparkle and sunshine glimmer (or whatever the neck her name is) 2 pack:
IDK if these are articulated, but most likely they are. The story behind these two is that her and twilight sparkle are like arch enemies( well really sunshine glimmer shimmer, whatever her name is doesn't like twilight) and twilight been nominated for Prom queen and sunshine glimmer must be prom queen. Ya know high school teenage stuff. :)
hair styling RainBow Dash: 
Sadly she is not articulated. :(

They are a little bit shorter than Monster High, they fit monster high doll stands, and their feet work like Bratz feet. These are the only ones I've found so far, but I'm sure there will be more.  I think they also will have outfit/accessory packs because each doll even if they don't have wings that come with them because they each have a notch in their back for wings. 

The ones on my wishlist are: 
DASHIE of course! :3

Pinkie Pie. Her smile is so contagious! , it made me smile, which by the way doesn't happen often.  :3  
 Well that's all I have to say for now, blogg ya later!

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