Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monster High Photo Stories :)

I don't know how many times I've said this, but MONSTER HIGH RULES!!!!!!!!
I am going to start a Monster High Photo Story series soon, but not too soon. so don't hold your breath. I've got most the props ready for episode one.  For later Episodes my father and I are going to buy balsa wood to make coffin shaped lockers that can also double as beds or storage for the dolls. This Should be fun! Well Blog ya later! TTYL

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Now what we've all been waiting to hear.......PONIES!!!!!  Now I'll be serious. So this week was Exam week, (blehh/could care less)  I'm not going to school tomorrow, cause  I had my last two exams today. Boo Ya! lol Spring break here I come! I shall be posting more photos over the next week. Yay for Spring Break!
Photo of me. I haven't taken one in while just wanted to see what yall thought.

Since I'm having a Major My Little Pony With Drawl I'm hoping to get some money from my Sis soon and maybe a Amazon Card for Easter so I can rebuild/ replace all the old My little Pony PonyVille sets from G3 or Generation 3 I used to have. Also  that   consignment shop I mention earlier " Robecca Rose" I  plan on  buying a $2 baggy of G2, G3, and 2 G3 PonyVille Ponies.
Im hoping to get this:
and this:

Here's   a picture of  " The Grumpy Cat"   just for laughs. XD
Well I'm ready for Spring Break. How bout you?  If are comment and  tell  me your plans.  Blog ya later! TTYL!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Little Pony With drawl :/

I'm Having A Major My Little Pony With Drawl! Seeing the little neighbor girl next door having so much fun with hers makes me remember how much fun I had with mine. It makes me wish I hadn't given mine away. Especially my My Little Pony PonyVille Minis. They were ADORABLE!  I don't know about any of you but when I was younger I had more My Little Ponyies and mock ponies than Barbies. No, Seriously. I kid you not. I asked my Mom why this was and she said I was a MLP freak and still am. Lol Bless Her! I'm seriously considering rebuilding my collection. I only have two now. Deluxe Edition Her Moment to Shine Cherilee, and a McDonald's Edition RainBow Dash From when they first got revamped for the new generation. I have to admit I like the whole CUTESY look now, but when they unvailed the revamping I was all like what was wrong with the old MLP! Forget this! Lol Yeah, Yeah, Enough of my Ranting for today. Blog Ya Later! TTYL

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Passion 4 Fashion Ep. 1 Camping?

 So this is  the 1st ever Ep. of my  new Bratz photo story series.  Hope You Enjoy! :)

Jade: Cloe are we there yet? By the way, were are we going?

    Cloe: We are almost there. It's a surprise.
Cloe: we're here. Set that container on the table.

Jade: Okay.

Cloe: Surprise! We're camping!
   Jade: What!?

Jade:  I'm wearing heels!

Cloe: Come on, It'll  be fun.

Jade: Hello?! Have you ever  met me!?

Cloe: Yeah, you you're Jade.

Cloe: I've  known you since were in diapers.

   Cloe: Now are  you  going to help me or not.

Jade: Okay.  I really don't like camping.

Cloe: It'll do you some  good. You'll see.

Cloe: Good night Jade.
Jade: Good night Cloe.
Stay Tuned For Ep. 2 of Passion 4 Fashion!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

DollieHouse Ep.3 Campus cafe.

Brittney: So I was all like " Raquelle you can not possibly fit all those Ball Gowns in the same brown bag for the mall's brown bag special."

 Keyonna: *laughing* I love that girl, She's Absolutely Nuts!
 Keyonna: Hey, Chandler!
 Brittney: Huh? Oh, hi Chandler!
 Chandler: Hey, Guys!
 Chandler: It sure is full in here today.

Mean While...

 Kevin: Hey, Danny? Can I ask you a question?
 Danny: Sure Anything.
Kevin: Would you -
 Danny: Shoot! I'm late for class!
 Danny: I'd better hurry! I don't want  to be late for class again!
 Danny: Bye, sorry. We'll have to talk later.
Kevin: Okay, bye.
 Chandler: Can I sit here bro?
 Kevin: Huh, yeah. Sure.

Chandler: So how'd it go?  
Kevin: Not so great, but I don't wanna talk about it right now.

 On the Cafe Patio...
 Justin: *on Phone* Love you, Babe.
Chelsea: Love you ,too. Bye!
Chelsea: *Sigh*
 Taylor: * in perky  voice* So, how are things with you and Justin?
Chelsea: Not so good...
Taylor: Why?
Chelsea: Well, he is always so busy , and when he gets home he's all Clingy, like that dryer sheet peeking out of the pocket of your pants.
Taylor: *giggles*  
Chelsea: No, I'm serious. He expects us to do everything together.

 Taylor: You know what you need?
 Chelsea: What?
Taylor: A shopping spree!
 Chelsea: Whoa! Wait! My purse!

Photo Stories Update! :D

I'm about to start posting them as soon as my moms laptop will hurry up and send them to my Kindle Fire.

The Photo Stories are:

  • DollieHouse Ep. 3 Campus Cafe
My new Photo Story Series

  • Passion 4 Fashion Ep. 1 And 2
 Hope My Moms Laptop Decides To HURRY UP SOON! It is driving me ABSOLTALY NUTS!

Yesterday I made off like a bandit. :)

  Mom and I went to the consignment shop for the Bratz that I told you were a $1  each. they were not there, the lady looked at the inventory on her computer and said she hadn't sold them yet, but we looked all over the store. They were not there. But that doesn't mean I didn't find something else. Then we went to Robecca Rose. Its Kinda like a  Flea Market/Consignment shop. Then we went to Wal-Mart.

I got:
@ the consignment shop:

  • Bratz Forever Diamonds Secret Voice Password Jewlery Box for: $2.25
@Robecca Rose:

  •  a Native American Barbie( I think shes from the late 80s early 90s) for $5.00
  • Groovy Girls Camping Tent ( it came with 2 dolls, a sleeping bag, and bag for clothes that says princess and  also doubles as a keychain)  for: $4. I'm not really a big fan of rag dolls so I'm giving them to the neighbor girls.
  • A old fashioned Barbie sized wooden desk for 75¢ 
  • 2 really pretty rings for me 1 can double as a doll bracelet.
@ Wal-Mart

  • Bratz Funk 'N Glow Jade for. $12.00 on clearence. She was originally $24.99. So I thought thar was a pretty good deal.
I mom bought it all, she's Awesome! We had  a good time together yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Well I guess I'll blog ya later! TTY