Thursday, March 7, 2013


Now what we've all been waiting to hear.......PONIES!!!!!  Now I'll be serious. So this week was Exam week, (blehh/could care less)  I'm not going to school tomorrow, cause  I had my last two exams today. Boo Ya! lol Spring break here I come! I shall be posting more photos over the next week. Yay for Spring Break!
Photo of me. I haven't taken one in while just wanted to see what yall thought.

Since I'm having a Major My Little Pony With Drawl I'm hoping to get some money from my Sis soon and maybe a Amazon Card for Easter so I can rebuild/ replace all the old My little Pony PonyVille sets from G3 or Generation 3 I used to have. Also  that   consignment shop I mention earlier " Robecca Rose" I  plan on  buying a $2 baggy of G2, G3, and 2 G3 PonyVille Ponies.
Im hoping to get this:
and this:

Here's   a picture of  " The Grumpy Cat"   just for laughs. XD
Well I'm ready for Spring Break. How bout you?  If are comment and  tell  me your plans.  Blog ya later! TTYL!


  1. I do remember MLP commercials and I think there was a TV show once, but I have never seen one in person.

    Hope you have a fun Spring Break!

  2. They do have a Tv show called My Little Pony FriendShip Is Magic on The Hub.

    I hope I have a fun Spring Break also. :D