Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Passion 4 Fashion Ep. 1 Camping?

 So this is  the 1st ever Ep. of my  new Bratz photo story series.  Hope You Enjoy! :)

Jade: Cloe are we there yet? By the way, were are we going?

    Cloe: We are almost there. It's a surprise.
Cloe: we're here. Set that container on the table.

Jade: Okay.

Cloe: Surprise! We're camping!
   Jade: What!?

Jade:  I'm wearing heels!

Cloe: Come on, It'll  be fun.

Jade: Hello?! Have you ever  met me!?

Cloe: Yeah, you you're Jade.

Cloe: I've  known you since were in diapers.

   Cloe: Now are  you  going to help me or not.

Jade: Okay.  I really don't like camping.

Cloe: It'll do you some  good. You'll see.

Cloe: Good night Jade.
Jade: Good night Cloe.
Stay Tuned For Ep. 2 of Passion 4 Fashion!


  1. I definitely understand Jade, but hopefully she's surprised and enjoys herself. :)

    1. Yeah Jade has some issues with the outdoors. Her idea of a surprise is a surprise shopping spree. They'll have to stay tuned for episode 2 to see if she enjoys herself.

  2. LOL, Jade was about to cut somebody up in there! Me and the outdoors do not get along so I can understand Jade's reaction. If they've been friends that long I think she might just roll with it.

    Did you make that table because it's pretty cool!

    1. Lol Muff! Yeah her idea of a surprise is a shopping spree.
      Yes, I made the table. I had to make it several times before I worked out all the wonkyness. Lol I've also made a Cafeteria table, I'm not sure if it will fit Barbie big butt. At least it will fit Bratz, Liv, and Monster High. I might post pictures.

  3. No one should be surprised with a camping trip. LOL. Nice to see a story with Bratz. Great job on that table.

    1. LOL Thanks Vanessa! Yeah I don't think I'd want to be surprised with a camping trip either.