Sunday, March 3, 2013

DollieHouse Ep.3 Campus cafe.

Brittney: So I was all like " Raquelle you can not possibly fit all those Ball Gowns in the same brown bag for the mall's brown bag special."

 Keyonna: *laughing* I love that girl, She's Absolutely Nuts!
 Keyonna: Hey, Chandler!
 Brittney: Huh? Oh, hi Chandler!
 Chandler: Hey, Guys!
 Chandler: It sure is full in here today.

Mean While...

 Kevin: Hey, Danny? Can I ask you a question?
 Danny: Sure Anything.
Kevin: Would you -
 Danny: Shoot! I'm late for class!
 Danny: I'd better hurry! I don't want  to be late for class again!
 Danny: Bye, sorry. We'll have to talk later.
Kevin: Okay, bye.
 Chandler: Can I sit here bro?
 Kevin: Huh, yeah. Sure.

Chandler: So how'd it go?  
Kevin: Not so great, but I don't wanna talk about it right now.

 On the Cafe Patio...
 Justin: *on Phone* Love you, Babe.
Chelsea: Love you ,too. Bye!
Chelsea: *Sigh*
 Taylor: * in perky  voice* So, how are things with you and Justin?
Chelsea: Not so good...
Taylor: Why?
Chelsea: Well, he is always so busy , and when he gets home he's all Clingy, like that dryer sheet peeking out of the pocket of your pants.
Taylor: *giggles*  
Chelsea: No, I'm serious. He expects us to do everything together.

 Taylor: You know what you need?
 Chelsea: What?
Taylor: A shopping spree!
 Chelsea: Whoa! Wait! My purse!


  1. I love how much is going on, just like there would be in a real cafe!

  2. Thanks I've been manifesting this for months. When I finally got it all together, I said let's give this a shot.

  3. I agree with Alura, your cafe is really bustling with activity! I'm enjoying the story too. I want to know what Kevin was going to ask Danny.

    If Chelsea doesn't like clingy guys she would not have to worry about that with my Justin. He probably doesn't even return phone calls.

    1. Thanks Muff.

      Muff you'll just have to wait like everybody else. Lol keep an eye out for Ep. 4 Shopping Spree, You'll find out then.

      Lol, that is funny. I guess Chelsea will still be waiting in line. Lol

      sadly I left my writing folder full of scripts, wardrobe lists, set sketches, and other stuff at school today. :(

  4. It's so good to see the MyScene dolls in action. I love the look of them, but haven't done anything with the ones I have. I'm enjoying the story, too. Looking forward to more episodes.

    1. Yeah My Scenes were the thing to play with when I was six so when I found my My Blingg Blingg Chelsea I though I'd put her to use.
      Thanks I'm currently sketching out the design of the Boutique they are going shopping at. Stay tuned.