Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Camera news

Mom said i could have her old camera, so i won't have to wait much longer to start mpre photo stories. YAY! :D

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yesterday I went to big lots with my parents, and I saw several different dolls there. Like:

We saw 2 Liv Midnight Dance Alexis. They were both $10.00

We saw almost the whole collection of these Barbie Basics dolls. They were $12 each.

We saw both of these Barbie fashionistas there were more of the one in the white and pink (Glam) than the silver and purple (Cutie). There was only one Cutie. they were both $9.00.

And I only saw one Barbie fashionista (Artsy)

Then we saw something like this except it didn't come with a toilet, and it came with a doll.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here's a link to my FaceBook Page:
So, my blog has been locked from viewers sight cause, I didn't know you were supposed to have the same account as your youtube for your blogger and I made another Google account so, now Viewers can't my blog, Cause they think i'm spamming. They said I had 20 days before they'd delete my blog unless I put in a request for it to be reviewed. That's like telling some one they've been evicted from a house without talking it over with tea and crumpets first. Uggh! you people at Google plus who are going to view my page to see if it should be deleted or not, please don't delet it cause i've worked real hard on getting this far. Please Don't Delete My Blog!!!!!!! D:
so, I was having a good day so far until Google locks my blog form viewers cuz they said My blog might be a spam blog. Ughh darn you google plus! sorry I'm just really mad. D:<  I like google butb they,ve gone over the line.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today my mom went to Big Lots and told me that she saw two Liv Midnight Dance Alexis. No I didn't get her and no I didn't get a picture, because I wasn't there and my camera is broke. She also said that the shelves that are usually full of dolls are almost bare. Mainly there were those off brand fashion dolls, there were some Barbies but they weren't the pretty ones,but there was this Barbie fashionista there, there were only one of them though.

I wanted her when she first came out, but now that I've heard that Liv dolls aren't going to be made in the year 2013, I've been trying to snatch up all the Liv dolls I can. that's the only thing on my wish list, is Liv related items, and a new camera, and a new doll house, but we know the doll house thing isn't going to happen. So fingers crossed for the camera and Liv dolls.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi my name is Tracey, but you can just call me Tray, or PurpleCandy if you like. I used to have a blog with word press, but them they said that i couldn't fallow my fave blogs like Hey It's Muff, Van's Doll Treasures, or Just Jay, and I need to start fresh so, I got a Blog Spot. You will see many crafts here, and photo stories, and me just rambling on about dolls I bought, school and how my day went. Be patient with me I'm just starting out with photo stories so, if any of you Kind, experenced ladies or jay could give or show me some tips and tricks I would be delighted. Here is a link to my old blog.