Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today my mom went to Big Lots and told me that she saw two Liv Midnight Dance Alexis. No I didn't get her and no I didn't get a picture, because I wasn't there and my camera is broke. She also said that the shelves that are usually full of dolls are almost bare. Mainly there were those off brand fashion dolls, there were some Barbies but they weren't the pretty ones,but there was this Barbie fashionista there, there were only one of them though.

I wanted her when she first came out, but now that I've heard that Liv dolls aren't going to be made in the year 2013, I've been trying to snatch up all the Liv dolls I can. that's the only thing on my wish list, is Liv related items, and a new camera, and a new doll house, but we know the doll house thing isn't going to happen. So fingers crossed for the camera and Liv dolls.

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