Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sorry it's been so long since I last updated.  But let's get to the point of this post over the months my mom and I have been finding great deals at GoodWill, Garage Sales, The Flow wood Flea market, Robecca Rose, the clearence aisle, and a bunch of other thrift shops.

Good will:
A Lime Green VW Beatle: $4( needed a butt load of TLC. The previous owner ran it threw dirt, Glitter, and that colored bubble crap that you blow threw a straw. Lol but it looks great now.)
A Disney princess thrown: 25¢ ( it looked like it just came out of the box)
And since everything in the store was 50% off it all totaled at $1.50

Robecca Rose:
Wicker chair set $1.50 per chair
BRATZ kids horse $9 it gallops and neighs
BARBIE   Ford Thunderbird  $6 ( I thought I got a great deal seeing since how the myscene convertible, and the lilac Barbie convertible from the early 2000s for $21.50 each but when I got home I noticed one of the most important parts of the car was missing the dash board! Barbie can't drive her car without a steering wheel! )
One of the first ever Bratz doll carry case $4, 30 bucks on

The 2nd chance thrift shop:
Barbie happy family kitchen $1 ( it was missing a fridge door but that wasn't a problem I just took the remaining one off because I already a fridge, it became a pantry.)
A pack of canvases and easels ( Barbie sized of course ) $1
Some sort of Barbie sized mixer thing? Maybe. 25¢
Barbie sea world fish pail 25¢ (now a mop bucket)
A Littlest Pet Shop Bird 25¢
Lps car 25¢

Garage Sales:
BARBIE Sisters glam camper $3 (it had all the furniture! No accessories except for a sippy cup for Kelly or Chelsea as they call her now, a bottle of juice, and a plate, but it's not like a needed them, the dinner ware was a different size for each sister. I thought no matter what age you were you got the same size dinner ware as everybody else just different sized servings. )
Hannah Montana Lola Laflago 50¢
Barbie Fairy with sea foam green hair no wings though , but I'm going to use her as a rock band member. 50¢
A beach Ken with a body mold from b4 2009 butt nekkid lol 50¢
Groovy Girls funk 'n groove couch, GG dog bed, and a Neon runway Bratz Cloe $1 4 all 3
A Barbie gown 1¢
a Hannah Montana skirt 1¢
A MGA rain coat 1¢ I think it goes to a lala loopsy little not sure

Thrift Shop the thrift shop:
A lala loopsy mermaids tail 25¢
A doc mcstuffins Kelly doll outfit 25¢

Gateway mission:
BRATZ BABYZ Dancing yazmine 25¢
Barbie Fashion Fever Furniture Footstool 25¢
A Barbie sized butchers block $1
A bag of 20 Kelly doll sized straw hats $1
A bag of 4 straw Barbie scale baskets $1

Flowood Flea Market:
A bag of 20 Barbie Clothes hangers $5 (most of them are from the 1992 mold)
A bratz passion 4 Fashion Yazmin with original shoes and some Japanese brand doll night gown $2

Tuesday Morning's:
Bratz Strut It Jade $6

Walmart clearence:
Bratz Cool Boyz Cameron $11

Ole 49 south flea market:
Liv twist and dance daniella with out wig but wearing a pair of Stacie shoes from the 80s $2
MONSTER HIGH Create a Moster Witch $2
Monster High doll mini dress 25¢
Pack of monster high doll accessories. Belt, shoes, and braclet 25¢
MONSTER HIGH fish net body suite 25¢

Dolls friends have found at flea markets:
Origanal Liv Sophie but wearing a Katie liv for color dress ?
Barbie doll ?
NOVI STARS Galatic Gown fashion pack $3 from Dirt Cheap

Those are the DEALS DEALS DEALS! Lol blog y'all later! :)


  1. You got some great items! Congrats. I've always wanted to spend a whole day going from thrift store to thrift store looking for Barbie items, but I am always afraid I will find way too much stuff. LOL.

    1. This is just what has accumulated over the past few months. On a good day around here you might find 4 Barbie related items. But we are just having so much fun. Most of it comes from when my Mom goes junkin with her friend/neighbor. I really feel like a spoiled brat though but with prices like these who cares. Lol :)