Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Never Ending Madness of my cat Bagara. :3

Well his name is really Crescent, because he has a crescent shape on his belly, but I call him Bagara because he looks like the black panther from the Disney animated movie The Jungle Book.
Meet Very Special Agent Bagara Blackness, here he is lying on the ironing board.

But let's get to why we are here. Bagara dislikes plastic for some reason.
He chewed up the plastic on the bread package, so we solved that by buying a retro tin box labeled bread.  So the past couple of days when he's left alone he has been chewing on the plastic dividers and binder that we keep our many doll clothes patterns in.  I saw him doing it  yesterday, I stopped him by picking him up. I looked at his face, he had plastic sticking out of his  mouth, and right when he realized I spotted it he swallowed it. He Swallowed It Like A Goat! I'm beginning to wonder if he chews on it because he dislikes it or he just  likes the taste?
I wake up this morning and he is on my display shelf using Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack as Teething rings. I was kinda mad but I can't  stay mad at him for long. Besides I can buy New ones. also the chew markes aren't that bad you can't notice them unless I point them out. Pinkie pies has I couple of teeth punctures on her right ear and and Apple Jack on her front left and right legs.  This cat is absolutely mad! He'll run into a wall, sit there for a couple of minutes and bounce back up like nothing even happened. And if he's walking up the hall and he sees you coming down the hall he'll scitter down the hall like a ball in a pinball machine. Ping! Ping! Ping!  LOL
Well enough of my ranting about Mr. Bagara. Blogg ya later! :)


  1. Wow, I haven't heard of a cat chewing on doll toys before. I thought only dogs did that. Luckily none of my dogs ever did it to my dolls. Sounds like your cat likes the taste of all that plastic.

    1. I never thought a cat would chew on doll toys either. Usually the cats just seat it around and play with it like they would a normal cat toy, but I think this cat is a little loopy... Okay alot. But I still love him.

    2. Sorry I ment *Scoot it around, my auto correct went wobbly on me again. :(