Monday, February 18, 2013

Dolls Found!!!!

Thursday I came home after school and my Father is reorganizing the utility  room. Mom says " We found a ballerina Barbie in there, and she is in pretty good shape considering how long she's been in there."  I went in the house and there she was. I think she  is an earlier Barbie I Can Be.... Ballerina Teresa. It seem every  time I get a ballerina Barbie it is always Teresa.

Anyway then I was in my closet. I saw my box of Madam Alexander doll from McDonalds that I collect. I know what you're thinking, why are they in a box? Well, I have a shelf to put them on it just hasn't been put up yet. I thought I saw Barbie feet. I open the box and there just so happens to be, Eden Starling from Barbie in A Christmas Carrol, first edition Rocca Wear S.I.S. Kara, which I  have renamed Keyonna, Kroger exclusive 2007 Halloween Barbie, first edition Cali Girls Nikki,and Disney Store Disney Fairies Tinker Bell.

On a totally unrealated topic. If I hadn't given so many dolls away to Good Will, The Salvation Army, The GateWay Mission, etc. I think my room would be overflowing with dolls. No, Seriously.

her totally unrelated topic, I have a question for Muff, from Hey, Its Muff. My Tink doll is in perfectly good condition except for one of the thin crappy plastic wings. one of the winds cracked and it cracked so much that it fell off, so now she looks like a complete Bowtard cause she only has one wing. I hate to throw her away just because of her crappy wings. Muff, do you know a way to get the stupid plastic things in her back out so I can still play with her? Because if I did it myself I'd probably end up butchering her on accident.


  1. Taking those wings off might require some surgery! I would blow a hair dryer where the wings connect to soften the vinyl, assuming it's vinyl, and then use pliers to pull the wings off carefully. Heat one wing connection at a time though.

    1. Thanks for the advice, though I might need my mother's help because I get a little nervous doing surgery on doll. But hey I might not seeing is how well my head swap turned out.