Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dolls that went through Plastic Surgery.

 Here it is Muff just as I promised. So Recently I did a Head and Body swap/tranfer. These are the results. 
 This is a My Scene doll head on Barbie Fashionitsa Cutie Body. She was a My Scene My Bligg Bligg Chelsea, But since I got her second hand from a friend her body was pretty beat up with all sorts of scuff marks that I could not get off with Rubbing alcolhal or Nail Polish remover. And another reason is I have this think where almost every doll i have has to be articulated. Here's Chelsea on her new body, she is wearing Barbie fashionistas Barbie color play's dress, shoes and necklace, and she is wearing  Bratz Bratz rock Cloe's earrings.
                                    Here's a close up. she is so stunning!
                                    Here she is at an angle. Goregouse!
 She is sitting on a couch I made for Rochelle Goyle. And if you are a Monster High fan you'd know who that is. And no sadly I do not have one in my Monster High Collection. :*( But I made the couch in case I got one.
 Here's a close up. I am soooo thrilled at how this turned out. XD
 Here she is again. Miss Priss, Looks likes someone's giving a little bit of attitude.
                                           Here's another close up.
                      This pictures not so great though. My hands were all shaky.
                                        Here she is. This is a  above look at her.
 This is the second doll that had plastic surgery. This is a Barbie Fashionista Cutie on Chelsea's old Body. And yes I gave her a bob,and if you don't know what a bob is, it is a type of hair 'do. It looks much better than what here hair was before I cut it, and it feels much softer too. She has to wear long dresses or pants cause the scuff are on the back or her right leg.
                                                 Close up.
                                               At an angle.
 Full View. My mom made the skirt, the top is a mini dress form a Barbie fashion pack.
                                             At an angle.
                                She's having dinner. She says "Hi!"
                       This Pictures not all that great. My hands were shaking again.
                                                here she is again.
                                                         And again.
 Here's chelsea chillin' out having dinner with Avery.
                                       Chelsea wanted a picture by herself.

You get the general idea of the rest of the pictures. Shout out to Muff from Hey, It's Muff on Blogger.


  1. Great job! The first time I changed a doll head I thought I was going to break the head off. I've gotten better at it but I'm always worried that I'm going to mess it up.

    I like your diorama in the background and the sofa you made! It looks fancy enough for any doll.


    1. I thought I was going to brake the joint in the fashionistas neck, but I didn't. After that the head of the my scene came off much Easier.

      Thanks. It actually isn't a diorama, it's a Main Stays bookcase from Walmart with five shelves. I since recently wallpapered and reorganized the Kitchen. I guess I kinda get that trait from my mother, she is always moving around the furniture, but once she moves it it better stay in the same exact place... until she decides to move it again. LOLZ

      And Thank You! The couch was originally cut out like that in such a funny shape for my Alice in wonderland dio.. The couch is just simply a several pieces I cut out of of black Styrofoam project board, then hot glued together. After that I added some trim to hide the edges.

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    2. AHHH. I hate the copy and paste on my kindle. :/

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